How I enjoyed three square meals daily while housing high class girl – Nigerian man

A young Nigerian man has shared his memorable experience with a high class girl commonly termed ‘baddie’ who stayed with him for a week.

The guy known on Twitter as @tonyyayo241 said she visited him to spend sometime and throughout her stay, he was enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner, courtesy of the men wooing her.

He said that he usually returns from work to see that different men sent food to his house for the girl.

Tony said the lady used to tell her admirers to also send something for her friend, which happened to be him.

He wrote; “Baddie is just a social construct, there are hot girls everywhere that won’t even stress you and are not asking for much. On any salary below 500k nothing concern you concern baddie. Except the baddie is funding your life. Just find your Low-key reason with me babe and live a quiet life of contemplation

Infact you can have 3 baddies to yourself and not spend 50k in a month, na you dey find jobless baddies. Una go dey use money find baddie wey get surgery yansh when real sweet and soft yansh dey wey no go stress you, anyway if you buy woman with money you no fit pay finish

I’ve had a baddie visit me for a week and all through the week, different men sent all the food we ate from breakfast to dinner and yes she told them to get for her “friend” too, I would come back from work and meet different types of food lol”

Social media users, however, lambasted him for being comfortable with the idea of men sending food to his woman, so he cleared the air that they weren’t dating.

I can see people quoting this tweet but I can’t see where I said I was in a relationship with the so called “baddie” lol.. anyway goodluck to everybody,” he added.