How friend I trusted used my school fees to flex in Australia – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man simply identified as Mr Mo, has shared his worst betrayal at the hands of someone he believed was a good friend.

The Australia-based entrepreneur said he was preparing to resume studies abroad, so he sent his school fees to his close friend who was already staying there, to help him pay school fees for two semesters so that he could get conditional acceptance letter.

He said that when the guy got the money, he paid only one semester fee after which he then used the balance to buy clothes and enjoy himself.

Mr Mo said it was after he completed the first semester that he found out his guy did not pay his complete tuition as agreed.

The school had called him to remind him about paying for the second semester but he was shocked because he thought it was settled.

He confronted his guy but he did not have any explanation, however, he was able to source money to pay the school fees by himself.

Mr Mo tweeted; “I needed to pay my tuition to get conditional letter of acceptance. My best G was already in the country I sent him the money to pay for me. He paid for 1 semester instead of 2. Used the balance to flex and buy clothes. I didn’t know anything until 6 months later …

I finished first semester, school called me to tell me I needed to pay my tuition before I can process to second semester. Told them they were wrong as I already paid for 2 semesters. They showed me proof that I’m still oweing, I called my friend to ask what happened…

He couldn’t give me any concrete explanation as to why he didn’t pay my complete fees. I was stranded, luckily I was able to raise my tuition again. We aren’t friends anymore tho, such a person could kill me one day.”