Hardcore fan quits her job to attend Beyonce’s concert

A middle-aged American lady who is a fan of pop star, Beyonce, has revealed that she quit her job in order to attend the Grammy winner’s concert.

She applied for Paid time off (PTO) at her place of work so that she could go for the music event, but her employer denied her application.

Feeling the need to show her support to Beyonce, she resigned and stormed the concert venue with a placard which stated that she did not allow her office to break her soul – which is a line in reference to Beyonce’s song.

Paid time off also known as personal time off, refers to any period of time that an employee is paid while taking leave from work.

A video which surfaced online and stirred mixed reactions shows the African American woman walking on the field while showing off her cardboard which read; “PTO DENIED SO I QUIT. YOU WON’T BREAK MY SOUL”

See the clip below:

In similar news…

A Nigerian lady took to social media to reveal the surprising reason her neighbour gave for resigning from her job. She said that she observed the lady had not been heading out to work in the morning as usual so she was curious and decided to approach her.

The narrator said that the neighbour informed her that she handed in her resignation because her place of work refused to grant her permission to go for choir rehearsal.

She said that their refusal had become consistent and she could no longer take it so she chose to leave the work and focus on choir activities in church.

The post reads; “So I noticed my Neighbor has not been going to work for a while now,so today I decided to approach her to know why ,she said she quit her job because her office has consistently refused to give her permission to participate in her church choir rehearsals.”

Meanwhile in another news…

A Ghanaian lady has revealed that she is displeased with the salary her boyfriend earns and she is considering telling him to resign. She went online to vent about how he hustles everyday only to receive 1000 Ghc (approximately N38,000) at the end of the month.

The lady said she gets angry and irritated when ever he tells her that he’s at work and whats even worse is when he retursn home to continue working on what he could not finish at the office.

She said; “My boyfriend’s salary pisses me off. When he tells me he’s at work i get irritated. I wish i could tell him to quit and stay at home and sleep.

He makes 1000gh (approximately N38k) a month. I don’t see the difference between being jobless and his job. Before the month ends he’s already broke. I see it as being busy for nothing. I am relaxed paaaa but it irritates me. Especially when he gets home and he has to complete some work stuff. 1000gh you are sanso working overtime smh.”