Going abroad or starting business – Graduate seeks advice after serving his rich dad as apprentice

A Nigerian man has revealed that he served as an apprentice for his father after finishing school and it is time for him to be settled.

He said that he just completed his apprenticeship of two years and his dad asked him to choose between being sponsored abroad and getting a container of plumbing materials as settlement.

The man, who is confused, took to social media to seek advice on which of the options he should choose, especially considering the economic situation in Nigeria.

He wrote; “After serving my dad for 2yrs after school, he asked me to choose between a 40 feet container of plumbing materials or for him to sponsor me to relocate to another country to find my akaraka and I don think tire. With the way 9ja be, will a new business survive? What do you think”.

Social media users on Twitter (X) gave him suggestions on the best choice under the perculiar circumstances.

@DreadHound0 commented; Leave Nigeria If you choose a good country, enter there legitimately and work hard without losing focus, you will be shipping multiple of that container your dad wants to give you in a few years. The naira is worthless currently with no hope of ever bouncing back. Choose wisely

@chii_ogbu; There’s Certain decisions in life that nobody can make it for you. Ask yourself what you want in the long run.

@deraokoli5; I sell building materials and I know the economy is not so good, but look at the brighter side. 40 feet container of plumbing materials is 40-60m ) depending on the country of importation). Your dad already has a platform, you served him for 2 years in which I believe you would

@Phatgold; Life is not all about money. For me, I prefer more security to life of myself and my family, and security of my business. Unfortunately, Nigeria cannot offer me the security that I need. If I was in your shoes, I will leave. It’s my opinion though.

@nwa_anambra; 40 feet of plumbing container? Guy Kwechiri ooo. Do relocate to anywhere if what you are going there to do is not well defined and clear in your head. 40 ft of plumbing in not moi moi

@iam_samedoho; Stay and sell plumbing material. Also, get trained as a plumber. Within two years, start training people to become plumbers. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll turn the business into a multimillion-dollar business. 7 in 10 houses in Nigeria have plumbing issues.

@Chukwubueze_1; Tough one though. Although the bad economy is hitting businesses, but it’s all about trying. Take the 40ft and do your best “if you understand the business well”, but if you don’t understand it, relocate.