Businesses are closing down under APC – PDP Chieftain expresses worry

The former Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) in Kwara, Olatunji Morohunfoye, has said that the economic situation in the state and Nigeria are getting worse under the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

The PDP chieftain who resigned his position on Monday, said he has no plans to join APC and his resignation is due to personal reasons, which I don’t want to reveal now.

Morohunfoye bemoaned the increasing rate at which businesses and shops are closing down in the state due to the government’s poor economic policies.

He said; “I’m not leaving the PDP and I cannot and will not join the APC, the governing party in the state. The reasons are not far-fetched. The performance of APC in the state, as I can see, is not impressive. The performance is not commensurate with the funds that had been received by the state government.

“Till date, the governor has been in power for over four years and he has not commissioned a single project, even the distribution of palliatives has not got to many people.

“Are PDP members and members of other political parties not the people of Kwara State or they are not part of the state’s population? In the good old days, after the election, there would no longer be any form of discrimination.

“See the situation we have found ourselves now, if you drive round town, many shops are under lock and are no longer open for business. This was not so in the past. Right now, workers choose when they would go to their offices or schools for work. What kind of country are we running? Even transport business is no longer thriving.”