Bride intervenes as guests attack each other at her wedding

A bride found that she had to deal with a lot more than her vows on her wedding day when fight broke out among guests.

In a dramatic scene that led to a halt of the wedding ceremony, attendees got into a serious brawl in the car park of the Holiday Inn in Kenilworth, England.

In a footage which surfaced on the internet, the bride could be seen trying to separate the two groups of men as it was preventing her wedding from proceeding.

According to the police, the incident happened on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 29. The fight seems to involve as many as ten people, most of them dressed in suits.

Bride intervene fight

However, two men take off their shirts and start trading blows. One man falls to the ground after being punched in the back of the head but quickly gets back up.

Another fight flares up between two other men, one without a shirt. They circle each other, with one man holding his fists high.

Other men at the scene seem content to watch the fights unfold. Several cars are parked in the car park, and many more can be seen passing by the area when the video was shot around 4pm.

A Warwickshire Police spokesperson said: “At around 4pm on Sunday 29 October, we received a report about a number of people fighting outside a hotel on Abbey End in Kenilworth. On attendance from officers, the group had reportedly dispersed and one van is alleged to have left the site.

“There were no injuries reported from this incident, and no further incidents reported afterwards. There is an investigation underway.”