37-year-old man devastated after learning he’s not the biological child of his father

A 37-year-old man has been left heartbroken after finding out in the most shocking way that the man he called dad for years is not his biological father.

His story was shared on microblogging platform, Twitter by a friend known as Bongo Watto, who revealed that the guy’s mother is late.

Apparently his mother took him to her husband’s home when he was 7 months old and he is the only child but she did not tell him about his paternity.

However, when she passed away, his father sent him out of the house and revealed that they are not related by blood.

Bongo narrated the incident in response to a tweet that reads; “What is the craziiest thing you’ve learnt this year?”

In his words; “My guy is the only child of his folks. He’s 37. His mom died this year. That’s when Alhaji kicked him out the house that he’s not his biological dad and that he had just been tolerating him for those years. His mom brought him to the marriage as a 7 month old toddler. I’m crying.

Typing this now jack. No be me but anytime I remember. I break down. My guy way guy. He first just lost. Left everyone. Sha. We don find am like two months ago and we are slowly helping him back to himself. This world. Sometimes. I wish I didn’t even follow una dey.”

37 year old man biological father