You’re not leaving this country – Seun Kuti accosts man at airport for threatening him online (Video)

Controversial Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti has been captured on tape getting into a confrontation with a man at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.

In the trending video, Seun claimed the man had threatened to kill him on social media, so he decided to accost him as he was about to travel out of Nigeria.

The yet-to-be identified guy claimed to be an American and made it known that he had no intention of facing the musician, rather, he was going home to the United States.

Seun Kuti man airport

Seun, however insisted that he would not allow the man leave and would ensure they do not check his international passport at the airport.

“Nobody is checking your passport, you have case in this country. You are not going anywhere… You wan go home,” Seun said.

The American man also told the Saxophonist not to dare him else he would make phone calls, but the son of late Fela Kuti insisted they wouldn’t leave the airport until they settled their argument.

However, someone who was recording the incident on his phone could be heard in the background trying to claim the saxophonist.

Watch the video:

In reaction, jayprogroup wrote: It’s like @bigbirdkuti is our naija Kanye west, we need this energy sometimes if not people will walk all over you. Keypad warrior wants to go home.

djspicey: “Nobody is taking your passport ,you’ve case in this country” You threaten to kpai person you come say u dey go home, you’re American.. Issokay.

mrnuell: Some of you are funny sha… go abroad and threaten to kill someone as a Nigerian… you would be behind bars with the speed of light… even the foreigners that have killed Nigerians in Nigeria what have we done… absolute nothing.. we are our own problem. It’s okay as long as e no affect you directly.

uncle_segun; But who is Seun Kuti to say “Nobody is taking your passport here” If you have a case of cyber bullying or threat to live it can be filed anywhere in the world. Let me guess you will prefer Nigeria because you can bend the rules perhaps slap a Judge and get away with it.

mark_cartier: So is Seun kuti na a police officer what power does he have to stop anybody for traveling even if the guy have a cases to answer that is not ur job to stop him from traveling let police do their job.