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Young singer who used Police PRO as screensaver laments as it fails to save him from bribe-seeking officers while traveling

A young Nigerian singer, Trishawnary has taken to social media to share his ordeal at the hands of police officers despite using a photo of Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi as his phone screensaver while he was traveling.

He alerted the police spokesperson of his action via Twitter and hoped that he would not be harassed or extorted by officers at checkpoints.

However, the plan did not go as intended because their vehicle was still flagged down in Delta state and the police officers that stopped them collected N5000.

According to the artiste with username @trishawnary on Twitter, the security personnel claimed that the car’s chasis number did not match.

He shared; “Sir @Princemoye1 I dey travel tomorrow by road. I have used your picture as screen saver hoping that your boys will not descend on me and take me to somewhere I no know

I don enter road like this o, we don encounter like 7 checkpoints. So far them just Dey search our bags and nobody don ask for my phone yet sha

We Dey delta like this o. With the way them don search us? Our boot don spoil e no Dey lock again. So we decided to bring all the bags into the backseat, we left it scattered the way the previous officers left it after searching

Them don stop us somewhere along Benin-Warri Road… saying the chassis number on the papers are incorrect. They’ve stopped us o. Saying that the chassis number has a typo.

What I want to ask is, is there no way to rectify things like this and allow citizens to go on their way . But no They’re asking for money. They took 5000 from me with this account. I no know weda na pos person sha.”