You haven’t faced any challenges in life if you haven’t been to prison – Trinity Guy laments over his ordeal (Video)

Controversial Nigerian Skit-maker, Abdullahi Maruff Adisa known by his stage name, Trinity Guy, has shared his ordeal in prison.

He was released from the Correctional facility in July 2023 after meeting his bail conditions. In a video making the rounds on social media, he cried out the terrible condition of the Nigerian prison and the sad reality he experienced.

Comedian and former naval officer, Abdulgafar Ahmad, also known as Cute Abiola announced his release in a post on his Facebook page.

Trinity Guy said that anybody who has never been to prison has not faced any real challenges in life. He spoke with so much vim as he noted that jail is another world on its own.

The person he was talking to told him to calm down but it provoked him to anger and he retorted; ‘Don’t tell me to calm down’ because there is no freedom there.

Watch the video below:

When Cute Abiola broke news of his release, he shared a photo of Trinity Guy and wrote: “TRINITY is finally free on Bail. I’m wishing you all the best brother.

May Almighty Allah keep guiding you to the right path. Welcome back ! My guy don pray tire, see him forehead.”

He was arraigned in June on two-count charges of conspiracy, sexual abuse and exploitation following his controversial prank video with a female minor.

Magistrate PO Adetuyibi ordered the skit maker to be remanded alongside the parents of the minor in the prank video, but in the second sitting, the Magistrate further extended his remand in the Agodi prison.