You can start business without money – CEO to Nigerians

A Nigerian businesswoman, Omowunmi Olalere, has stated that money is not the only resource one needs to start a business.

She said many people are unware that intellectual capacity is enough for an entrepreneur to get a business idea off the ground and running.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Numero Homes Global Resources Limited, it is not all the businesses she runs that she had enough money to establish.

Olalere went on to advise aspiring entrepreneurs not to be comfortable with one stream of income as it would be difficult to start over again if something goes wrong with that particular business.

In her words; “Don’t ever be comfortable with one stream of income, because if anything happens to that one source of income, you would find it difficult to start all over again. Explore every opportunity in your business niche. Unfortunately, there is a lot of wastage in this country. We waste resources and ideas.

Human resources is a big deal. Many people keep saying that they don’t have money to start a business, but all they have done is push forward a limiting factor to justify the reason they cannot do something.

Many don’t know that intellectual capability is enough to start a business. It is not all my businesses that I had enough money to start. Some businesses took me up to a year to float. But, in the interim, I would be carrying out research and determining the methodology of running the business. In cases where I need to partner with people, I would do that.”