You can live comfortably on N400k salary except if you’re dating slay queen – Relationship coach

A Nigerian relationship adviser known as John Doe has said that a man earning N400,000 per month can live a decent and comfortable life in Nigeria.

He said that sum will not be enough if the guy is dating a slayqueen who does not work but uses an iPhone worth same amount as his salary.

John explained that the if the man makes the right decisions he can rent a 3-bedroom apartment at N900,000 per annum.

Then few years later, he can finally settle down with a lady who stuck with him when he was still getting paid N50 every month.

He wrote; “400k/month in Nigeria can fetch you a decent 3bed apartment, of 900k/year.

And few years later, you get married to a long time gf, that was there when you were earning 50k.

But it will never be enough, if you meet a woman that earns nothing, but uses a phone worth 400k. End.”

In related news, an African American man has revealed that since he started dating his girlfriend 10 months ago, he’s been the one paying all her bills.

He said that his salary is three times more than her own so he vowed to never let her handle any of her bill payment.

According to the boyfriend, his babe has now cleared her student loans, improved her credit score and he loves that she is living comfortably at is expense.

He wrote; I make over 3x what my girl makes and she pays zero bills. In the 10 months we’ve dated, she’s paid off her student loans, beefed up her emergency funds, and improved her credit score. Love that for her.

“What if she leave you?” Door is wide open 🤷🏾‍♂️

I was raised to always leave places, jobs, and people in better shape than when I first met them so if she did leave, I’ll be perfectly fine.

I add value to others b/c it’s who I am, not b/c I want or expect something in return.

“What does she do for you?”

“What does she bring to the table?”

Don’t worry about it. Focus on being someone with values and character. You’ll then attract the kind of partner who will uplift you spiritually so can accomplish your goals and bring home the spoils.

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