“Women are not meant to compete with men” – Tolanibaj distances self from feminism

Nigerian reality star, Tolani Shobajo better known as Tolanibaj, has stated that women are not supposed to compete with men.

She made this remark during a recent episode of Bahd and Boujee podcast with co-host, Moet Abebe interviewing night life promoter, Yhemo Lee.

Tolanibaj feminism

Tolanibaj is of the opinion that the male and female genders are not equal as the woman is supposed to complement the man and not be in a competition with him.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate said the aforementioned reasons are why she cannot refer to herself as a feminist.

“I feel like women are not supposed to compete with men, they are just supposed to complement them. That’s why I can’t say I am a feminist because I don’t see how if a man is doing gra gra, as a woman I should be doing gra gra too”, she said.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile in another news…

A Nigerian fashionista simply known as Demi has revealed that she likes cyber fraudsters (Yahoo boys) for the simple fact that they understand that morality and legality are social constructs.

The radical feminist, said yahoo boys know that those concepts were created by the powerful in the society to be interpreted by the powerful against the people.

According to Demi, many young people are yet to come to the realisation that the elite decided what is legal or illegal and make the rules on who should be punished for illegal activities, and youths will not do so until they reach 35 and writing CVs in their houses.

She stated this via Twitter and tried to buttress her point by making reference to how slavery was once legal and alcohol was once illegal.

Demi tweeted; “I like yahoo boys because they realized quite early that morality and legality are both constructs of the powerful to be interpreted by the powerful. Many of you don’t realize this until you’re 35 and still writing CVs from your apartment in Abule oja.

Slavery was once legal and Moral. Alcohol was once illegal. Cocaine used to be legally sold in coke beverages. Make of that what you will.

Frame this tweet because when the night is darkest and the sunrise is a forgotten memory, you will need it to enter a new realm of consciousness.”