I wasn’t ashamed while doing menial jobs in US – Nigerian actress, Doris Simeon

Famous Nigerian actress, Doris Simeon, has said she was not ashamed doing menial jobs in the United States of America, because she needed to pay her bills.

She spoke during an interview with her actor Kunle Afod, where she admitted that it was rough but only the tough survive in the country.

Simeon said; “It was not easy starting all over, because in this place, only the tough will last. If one is lazy, one will be hungry. People who have been here for 20 to 50 years don’t find it easy, because with the kind of system they have, one cannot avoid paying bills. If one does not work, one won’t eat, and one won’t be able to pay bills.”

I wasn’t ashamed while doing menial jobs in US - Nigerian actress, Doris Simeon

She said she has lost count of the the menial jobs she had done in the US. Se said she once worked as a personal shopper, delivery person, did hairdressing and she currently as a social worker.

Doris said; “I have lost count of the number of jobs I have done here. I once worked as a delivery person, and even met people who recognised me, but what could I do? After all, they won’t pay my bills. I worked as a personal shopper as well, and hairdressing is something I still. Currently, I work for the government as a social worker.”

On whether there are still male admirers, the movie star said; “A lot of men still send me messages on social media to ask about my relationship status. Those who know me know I don’t like to make a noise about my private life. The fact that I don’t post online does not mean I don’t have a man in my life. I have a man in my life, but I don’t reject gifts.”

CorrectNG recalls that the seasoned Nollywood actress, opened up on the reason she quit acting in Nigeria and relocated abroad.

Simeon, who was popular for starring in movies in the early 2000s, said she decided to travel out of the country for the sake of her family. The actress said she left everything in 2018 so she could be closer to her child.

She said she has not returned to her motherland since then even though she misses Nigeria a lot. The things she misses most about the country include the roadside food vendors, being on movie sets, her family and friends.

Simeon said; “As many people know, my child and his father reside in America, and that’s one of the reasons I decided to relocate here.

“I left Nigeria in 2018 and I have not returned since then. I miss Nigeria a lot. The things I miss most especially are the roadside food vendors. Things like roasted yam, roasted corn, food that they hawk.

“I miss my family and friends and I also miss being on set, especially when I see actors and actresses sharing behind-the-scenes moments on their social media platforms.”