Why it’s not smart to sacrifice your career for a man – Actress, Georgina Ibeh

Nollywood actress, Georgina Ibeh, has said that a woman choosing to sacrifice her career for a man is not a wise decision.

She said if a woman decides to quit her job or stop chasing her dreams all because she wants to appease a man, she will end up being unhappy for the rest of her life.

Georgina stated this in an interview with Saturday Beats where she also noted that divorce does not only happen in Nollywood but in other industries.

Georgina Ibeh sacrifice career

She said, “Everyone faces relationship issues but any man who comes into your life and wants to stop your career doesn’t like you. If you stop what you love doing because of a man, you will not be happy for the rest of your life. Many people think actresses can’t stay in marriages because of the things happening in the movie industry. They forget that divorce happens everywhere in the world.”

Speaking on perceived favouritism for light complexioned ladies in Nollywood, the pretty thespian said skin colour has nothing to do with how often one gets a role.

She said; “It is not true that light-skinned girls appear better on camera. I don’t believe that you must be light-skinned to succeed as an actress. There are many dark-skinned actresses breaking boundaries in the country. Not all storylines demand a light-skinned lady.”

Georgina Ibeh, who is also a filmmaker, highlighted some challenges she encounters while producing her movies.

In her words; “One of the challenges is handling fellow actors. Adverse weather conditions, especially during the rainy season also pose a big challenge. Sometimes, we have to deal with area boys that would want to be settled before certain locations can be used.”