I didn’t make money from my hit song with Carter Efe – Young Duu cries out

Nigerian singer, Oluwabamishe Abioro, otherwise known as Young Duu, has broken his silence on his fall out with famous skit maker, Carter Efe.

Duu had on several occasions accused Carter Efe of cheating him off royalties after they worked together on the song, ‘Oyinmo’.

However, the content creator had denied the allegations in an interview, claiming that he reached out to the rising singer to settle the matter and that they were good.

I didn't make money from my hit song with Carter Efe - Young Duu cries out

Efe had said; “Young Duu and I do not have any issues. I reached out to him and asked him why he was spoiling (tarnishing) my image, but he said he wasn’t doing so. Rather, it was all part of promoting our song, ‘Oyinmo’.

“I was paid for the show where I performed the song alone. I performed ‘Machala’, and when ‘Oyinmo’ was played, I initially did not want to perform it, but I did it as a way of promoting the song.”

However, the singer said during an interview with Hip TV that what Carter Efe disclosed is not the truth of the matter. Young Duu said he did not make a dime from the now-buzzing song.

He said; “After dropping the song, I saw that Olamide posted about it, and I was happy. In fact, I received a lot of calls asking to be signed to their label. I felt like going with Carter Efe, and that was why when he called me for the collaboration, I responded.

“After recording and shooting the video for the song, I did not hear from him again. A few months passed before I reached out to him. He asked for my account number, claiming he would give me N500,000. To date, he has not given me the money, and he has not taken me to any show.

“The reason I raised alarm on the matter online is that everyone thinks I’m a millionaire. Whenever I reached out to Carter, how he responded was like I’m a nobody. That was why I raised the alarm online on the matter because I felt like a fool. People would not understand. They would be thinking that I’m a stingy person.

“Before I went online, I confided in a few people, and I was advised to do so. It was not about having any bad feelings towards him.”