Why I moved back to Nigeria from USA – Actor, Omo Banke

Nigerian actor, Soji Taiwo, also known as Omo Banke, has revealed why he made an unexpected return to the country after spending a long time in the United States of America.

He set a lot of tongues wagging when he relocated to the US years ago, but in an interesting turn of events, returned to his motherland.

Omo Banke said the reason he came back was so that he could be a part of the rapidly evolving new Nollywood era where he gets to star in some of the chart-topping movies like King of Thieves and Jagun Jagun.

The actor, who opened up about how his career has taken a new turn since his return, expressed joy at some of the high-budget Yoruba movies in the industry.

Soji said; “This is the best thing that could happen to Nollywood at the moment. I give kudos to the actors and filmmakers who are working hard to change the narrative in the industry. I also cannot wait to shoot movies such as ‘Jagun Jagun’ (The Warrior), and ‘Ageshinkole’ (King of Thieves).

“That is what I want, and I know my fans want me to do something like that as well. That was why I returned from the United States of America. I am back for good, and for more progress and success.

“I would like to see more high-budget Yoruba films such as ‘Jagun Jagun’. And, that is already happening. I am so happy about that.”

The actor also stated that he was not bothered by the rumours circulating about the nature of job he was doing in the United States.

He said; “I was not bothered about the rumours of what I was doing in America. I knew I was still coming back to Nigeria, and I’m back now. And, I have so many things ahead.

“People know that my career has changed totally. I also have a filling station. And, things can only get better.”