Why I believed rapping was better than singing – Victony

Nigerian Afropop singer, Victony has revealed that he initially wanted to be a rapper because he did not like the idea of singing.

He said the reason he didn’t pursue a singing career earlier on despite knowing he had vocal ability was because he liked the energy associated with rap.

Victony revealed that he switched from rapping to singing in 2020, with his hit song, ‘Soweto’ which was one of his first attempt at Afrobeats.

Victony rapping

Speaking in a recent interview on the Zero Conditions podcast, the artiste said he refused to sing because he believed it was only for weak people.

He said; “2020 was when I started doing Afrobeats, “Soweto” was one of my earliest attempts at Afrobeats.

“Honestly, I used to know I could sing but I just refused to. Because I just felt like it was for weak people. I felt like it was an escape for weak people.

“I always loved that rapper energy and I wanted to be a rapper. But when I started singing, I realized that it is just as technical as rapping.”

In other news…

Ace rapper, Tobechukwu Melvin Ejiofor also known as Illbliss has berated his colleague, Phenom over his recent comment about Mode 9.

Phenom who sat down for a chat on The Yarns podcast had said he does not want to end up like Mode 9, and he would rather be as commercially successful as Phyno.

The ‘Murder Dem’ crooner said he recently visited Phyno’s luxurious house and also dreams of a future where he has Phantoms parked in his garage.

According to him, although he is not trying to talk down on anybody, he believes it is a mental problem for rappers like Mode 9 to be wearing baggy jeans and talking about Hip Hop being a culture.

Phenom said; “I don’t see Mode 9 as someone I want to be like. I would rather be somebody that is commercially successful. I was Phyno’s house few days ago, I wanna have Phantom parked in my house”

Reacting, Illbliss tweeted; “Even Phyno would never disrespect the Hiphop pioneers that came before him, with phantoms parked in his garage. Really truly disappointed Phenom. Mode9 is a living legend, alive and well, incredibly decorated and respected for his contributions to Hiphop culture. I hate the disregard!”