Why calm men need to marry ‘mad women’ like me – Actress Uche Ogbodo

Famous Nigerian actress, Uche Ogbodo has made a case for quiet men to marry hot-headed women.

The mother-of-two who referred to herseld as a ‘mad woman’ revealed that her husband belongs in the abovementioned category.

The Nollywood diva said whenever anybody hurts him in the slightest, she charges to his rescue without knowing or witnessing what may have transpired.

Ogbodo men need mad women

According to Uche Ogbodo, calm men need women like her to stand up for them in intense situations, or else they may perpetually have to endure a lot of contemptuous situations from domineering individuals.

She argued that a woman is supposed to be aggressive in her approach to protect her man both physically and spiritually.

The actress said: “I beg, as a man if you’re quiet and you know you take a lot of shit….I beg try marry person wey get madness for head.

“Like you need a woman who would say…Hey, come here, don’t talk to my husband like that…shey e ya were ni. Me, I am that Mad Woman and that Mad Woman Is Me! If you hurt my man in the slightest way possible you hurt me too, no matter Who you are, I will pounce on you!

“Even If I Hear, I no Dey there, You are Already My Enemy I no wan hear Explanation! I am My Man and my Man is Me! One Soul One Body! As A Woman, You have to Be Physically and Spiritually Aggressively Protective towards Your Man!”