Video: Men prefer to marry Yoruba girls because they’re more sensible – Speed Darlington

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington says girls from the Yoruba tribe are more preferred to those from the Igbo tribe when it comes to marriage.

According to the US-based internet sensation, Yoruba girls are more sensible and know how to pick a reasonable man.

He claimed that Igbo girls often visit native doctors to get charms they then use to get or control any man of their choice.

Speed Darlington made the claim during a live session on TikTok, adding that the submissive nature of Yorubas is what endears them to men.

The singer also said that Igbos constitute the highest percentage of people that visit churches for miracles and special intervention.

According to him, whenever a clergyman calls on single ladies who are searchig for husband to come out, it’s mostly Igbo girls that flood the pulpit/altar.

Watch him speak below:


agbukaisaac; Is this guy ok abeg. He needs to be checked abeg

kingebuka___; Man wey dey cap too much 🚮

callme___didi; Oga na u be bunch of waste🙄


trina_joness; How did you get all this information? I’m not Igbo but I understand that Igbo girls can’t pick you or associate themselves with you that’s why you’re upset. It’s sad that Yoruba girls associate with you .

nenye_gifty; Most Igbo and Yoruba are the ones who do it. I think Yoruba girls do it more

artbyrobotman; Only thing i know about Igbo/Edo girls is that they cheat a whole lot and can never support you

prankhottie; This akpi is now talking too much. Concentrate on your 🗑 music bruh

expressiqueen; You never sabi Yoruba no worry 😂I know Igbo can do it too but them the learn for Yoruba side lol.

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