TG Omori recollects encounter with man who begged him for money only to reject his N1k

Popular music video director, TG Omori, has recollected the circumstances that led to a man turning down his monetary gift months ago.

It was reported in April that a video which went viral captured the moment a man refused to accept 1,000 Naira from him. Omori was approached by a group of young men as he was about stepping into his car and he thought of encouraging them with some cash.

As he hopped into his ride, the boy director brought out N1k note and handed it to the most vocal among them, but the guy rejected it. He protested by telling TG Omori ‘Na 1k be this oh boss’, in reaction, the popular filmmaker retracted his cash, gave the guy an irritated look and shut his door.

When the guy’s friend asked him why he did not collect the money, he said they should forget about it because it was just N1k he wanted them to share.

Speaking on that incident when the matter was brought up again online, the director revealed that it was the guy who asked him for money.

According to him, he usually gives money to the security that works at at the neighbourhood his father lives whenever he visits and on that fateful day as he was about to leave a group of young boys approached him.

TG Omori said he had already given what he had to the security guards but he asked his driver if there was any money available and he brought out N1k. He handed the cash to the guys, but they rejected it, so he decided to keep the money and leave.

Taking to Twitter, the videographer wrote; “This video again 😭 no evidence but I go explain. On this faithful day I go see my papa, on very rare occasions have I ever seen boys on the street just the security guys at the entrance gate so I Dey always carry their cash as I Dey enter I Dey press am for them.

After I don visit papa finish make I Dey go na so I see like 3 boys for outside Dey hail me. Obviously na the security guys don tell them to come collect their own share, I hail them back, them say I must give them money, ok no an issue I ask my driver make him check weda cash still dey, him check round and him see 1K, I tell the boy say no cash for my hand make them use 1k boy coke. Omo Baba reject am o. Say make I enjoy. I kuku go use am enjoy.”