Suitor arrested for visiting in-laws empty handed

A 60-year-old Ugandan man has been arrested by the police after he visited his in-laws to seek their daughters hand in marriage without coming along with dowry.

The suitor identified as Samuel Maikut reportedly told them that he wanted to marry her in a traditional way, so her family bore the cost of organising the introduction ceremony.

Maikut visit in laws empty handed

However, on the D-Day, he showed up empty handed at his in-laws home in Bukwo District, without any of the goodies that the bride-to-be’s family was expecting.

The lady’s family reportedly spent $1200 preparing a feast for the ceremony, and it had been agreed that Maikut would bring along four cows and three goats.

According to Daily Monitor, not only did he arrive without any item, he was also unfashionably late to the ceremony as he arrived 20 minutes after the scheduled time of 5pm.

The bride’s family interrogated him to know why he did not come with the agreed bride price, but he could not defend his actions.

Man visit in laws empty handed

There was tension in the community as he was almost beaten, however, the police were called to arrest him. It was learnt that Maikut later apologised for the turn of events and also promised to compensate the bride’s family for the losses incurred.

The sexagenarian blamed his organising team for letting him down, after facing challenges which he failed to expatiate on.

“I am sorry for what happened, but I am ready to discuss issues of compensation for the losses involved in the function,” Maikut said.