PSG reveals club Mbappe reached agreement with

Paris Saint-Germain believe Kylian Mbappe has agreed a deal with Real Madrid, and they ‘feel betrayed’ that he is going back on his words.

According to Sky Sports, PSG are convinced Mbappe has already agreed to join Real Madrid on a free transfer next summer, a move that is viewed as a huge betrayal after he said he would never leave for free.

The club sought clarity from Mbappe when training resumed this month but nothing has been communicated by the player.

PSG, therefore, assume Mbappe wants to leave for free and they have to prepare to start their pre-season tour of the Far East without him.

Mbappe is now for sale and PSG is actively looking to sell the France forward this summer.

Sky Sports reports that PSG insiders believe what Mbappe is doing is almost sabotage, killing his club and empowering the club’s big rival with a free gift transfer.

The Ligue 1 Giants are convinced it’s just about money for Mbappe now. If he stays in Paris just until next summer, he picks up more than £100m. Then next summer he can get a £160m signing-on fee in Madrid as a free agent plus huge wages.

In June, Mbappe’s entourage released a statement; “After having publicly declared in recent weeks that he will be a Parisian next season, Kylian Mbappe did not ask for his departure this summer, but merely confirmed to the club that he was not activating his additional year.

“The management of the club in charge of its extension (signed on May 21 2022) was informed of its decision on July 15 2022 and the sole purpose of the letter was to confirm what had already been orally clarified previously.

“Mbappe and his entourage claim they have not discussed this point with the club again during the year, except 15 days ago to announce the sending of the letter. Nor has any possible new extension been mentioned.

“Finally, Mbappe and his entourage regret that the receipt of this letter has been transmitted to the media and that these exchanges are made public with the sole aim of damaging his image and the smooth running of conversations with the club.”