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People are disturbing me, I would’ve moved to Niger Republic – Ex-President Buhari

⁣Former President, Muhammadu Buhari has said he still gets visitors from various parts of the country despite living as far away from Abuja, the nation’s capital.

He said if he had known that the visits would be endless he would have moved to Niger Republic after handover on May 29, 2023.

Buhari stated this during an interview on NTA’s Conversations With History which aired Monday, November 20.

He said; “People charter buses and come to see me from time to time. I thought I had stayed as far away from Abuja as possible, but they still come. I would have gone to Niger if the borders were opened.”

The former Nigerian leader earlier said he did not miss being in power much. ⁣In December 2022, Buhari said his time as President of Nigeria was not good enough for Nigerians.⁣

He remarked, “Miss? I don’t think I miss much.”

“I believe I’m trying my best, but still my best is not good enough. I wonder if I am going to miss much. I think I’m being harassed,” Buhari stated.

In another news…

Former presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, has said ex-President Muhammadu Buhari expressed regret that his administration should have probably done certain things in another way.

He disclosed that before the immediate past president left office, he had a two-hour chat with him, during which he asked all manners of questions.

According to the ex-presidential aide, during the interview session, he asked his principal what his regrets were, and Buhari said he felt some things the administration did, could have been done better.

Although he did not state Buhari’s regret, he however said “There is no living human being that will not regret certain things. It is one of the questions I asked the president.

“Before we left office, I sat with him for about 2 hours and I asked him every question under the sun and when we finished, he asked what I gave to Chief of Protocol that he gave so long a time with him. There was no question I didn’t ask him. There were things he (Buhari) felt could have been done better.

“The policy (naira redesign) brought hardship to Nigerians. I had N20,000 which I stretched for almost two weeks. There was a day I had a full house and we wanted to cook breakfast but midway, the gas finished.”