Men don’t like ‘overly successful’ women – Actress Ini Edo

Popular Nollywood actress, Ini Edo has said some men don’t like “overly successful” women because they are seen threats to the position as head of the home.

Speaking in the latest episode of Toke Makinwa’s podcast, Toke Moments, the screen diva said men prefer submissive women that they can control.

Ini Edo overly successful women

Ini Edo said although she prefers to be a queen , she doesn’t like the idea of “lording over” a man. She added that it is hard to find men who understands that successful women aren’t threats to their position.

The actress said; “Some men are threatened by women’s strength. Because we can come off as if we are doing too much. First of all, you’re a woman, you’re beautiful, you’re here and there.

“Naturally, men want to see you [women] not so overly successful just so that they can pull you around, you can be the woman, cook and clean and do all the basic things that they’ve grown up to know is expected of women.

“So when you get too strong, it’s almost like you’re competing with their ego. But the truth is, like I always say, I like to be the queen. I’m not a woman who is looking to subdue any man or ride over any man.

“No matter how successful I get, I don’t think I would like to have a man that I am lording over. Then what is the beauty of it? I mean, the beauty of it is me walking beside my man and he giving me instructions and protecting me.”

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Actress and filmmaker, Uche Jombo has said when career-driven women attempt to succeed and rise to the peak in a field dominated by men, they work twice as hard.

She spoke about the challenges women encounter to become successful trailblazers and remain relevant in the industry.

According to the filmmaker, many of her male colleagues who started making films before her, have left filmmaking to pursue other interests whereas she is still trudging on.

Jombo said; “Women are very serious-minded people. I remember when I started producing movies, there were a lot of my male colleagues who started producing at the same time.

“Some of them started doing other things and are no longer interested in filmmaking as of today. But I am still here toughening things out. In essence, when women put their minds to something, they do it because normally, women would work twice as hard to prove themselves.”