I have money, but I am lonely – Skales laments

Nigerian rapper and singer, Raoul John Njeng-Njeng popularly known as Skales has lamented over the inability of money to solve all his problems.

The musician admitted in a series of rant posts that he is lonely despite being rich, because he misses his mom. He took to his Instagram page to inform fans of his worries.

Skales whose mother died two years ago, said he misses her as well as his daughter who now lives with his estranged wife, Precious Hassanity.

Skales lonely

According to the ‘Shake Body’ crooner love is a joke in the modern world and he is lonely in this world since he has no form of family or bloodline. He said the loneliness makes him to be scared for his life on a daly basis.

The 33-year-old singer who advised his fans to be thankful for the gift of a family because nobody has their best interest at heart, and it is scary.

In his words: “I got money but I am lonely ASF. I miss my motherLOVE is a joke in this gen.. I miss my mother so much my … truest love then my daughter. I am so lonely in this world. Love is bullshit !!!! you better love strategically.

“I have nο form of family at all no mother no father no uncle no aunty no cousin no single bloodline fam hold God close… nobody has your best interest at heart.. its scary fam. if you have family thank God every time. I am a lonely man that’s scared for my life everyday i have no one at all… its scary.. I got God tho.. but love is nonsense believe in that shit at your own risk.

“I could trade most of this dvmb b**** to get my mom back. This is the most broken as a man I have ever felt. I miss my mother cos I would have been on a call with her right now.”

have money, but I am lonely - Skales laments