It’s worrisome that failed marriages are more publicised than successful ones – Actor, Eso Dike

Nigerian actor and media personality, Eso Dike, has bemoaned the publicity that media organisations give failed celebrity marriages.

He said there are as many successful marriages as there are failed ones, but it is mostly the latter that gets publicised.

Speaking on the controversies that surround celebrity unions, Eso said such stories make one very skeptical about marrying a fellow entertainer.

Eso Dike failed marriages

The actor said; “It is very worrying. It seems some celebrities cannot stay together to save their lives. I am sure there are several celebrities enjoying fruitful relationships and marriages. But, blogs will publicise the failed ones, because bad news spreads faster than good news.

Listening to such news will make one question if marrying a fellow entertainer is worth it. Celebrities co-habiting does not seem to be the best working formula. To each hisown, I guess.”

On how he handles female fans, the handsome thespian said; “I have home training, so I handle them (laughs). Regardless of fame, I have always been into entertainment in a certain capacity. This means that I have always had some sort of fan base.

The number came as a bit of a shock when I started acting, but having fans wasn’t new to me. Since when I was in primary school, I knew I could rap and I had been doing it for a while. I am still a rapper when I get in the mood.”

The Chief Daddy actor also talked about the fake proposal stunt he pulled with his colleague, Wumi Toriola, and how close friends and family reacted.

Eso Dike said; “It was craazy. When I went to my barber, he congratulated me, and was showing me the picture of my purported ‘engagement’ to Wumi. My family members and close friends obviously did not believe it. However, my phone rang endlessly on that day due to calls from some close friends and colleagues.

“Some called to inquire if it was true or false. It was an interesting day. I did not know the prank would go as far as it did. Apparently, many people believed the gist, as it went viral. Even when I tried letting people know it was not true, they did not believe me.”