I’m a perfect example of ‘beauty with brains’ – Actress Uche Montana

Delectable Nigerian actress, Uche Montana, has said that she is proof that someone can be beautiful and also have brains.

The 29-year-old thespian made this statement in an interview, adding that she is talented and her works speaks for her.

Uche said; “It cannot be denied that I am as talented as I am beautiful. Embracing my femininity is not something to be ashamed of. My work speaks for me, because I always deliver. Hard work, dedication and consistency have got me the recognition I deserve.”

Speaking on her decision to change her name from ‘Nwaefuna’ to ‘Montana’, the actress said; “Changing my name was a branding decision. I am not only an influencer and actor, I am also business-minded. Over the years, I noticed that my fans, colleagues, international brands, and even intending business partners found it difficult to pronounce and spell my surname, ‘Nwaefuna’. Hence, the change. Montana is my father’s name though. It was not made up.”

On whether she is scared of taking on any role, Montana said; “I don’t think there is any role I am afraid to take on. The full package of being a good actor is that one can embrace any character. There could be challenges sometimes, but one cannot be considered a good actor without being bold enough to explore one’s skills at length. I love to be challenged.”

In other news…

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The beauty, The Body, The Carriage, The Industrious on top? And na one man wey no come get money? God will not permit that, he will not forgive me sef.