I’d divorce my wife if I discover early that she lied about her age – Pretty Mike

Lagos-based socialite, Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike, has said he can divorce his wife for lying to him about her age.

The club owner and businessman stated this in an interview while noting that it is unnecessary for people to lie about their date of birth in a bid to get married.

Pretty Mike said that if he finds out two years into marriage that his partner did not tell him her real age, that is grounds enough to leave. He, however, said that if they have been together for 10 years or thereabout, then he would not end the marriage.

He said; “I don’t think one should go into marriage with a lot of skeletons in one’s cupboard, especially lying about one’s age or having children before. The question is, ‘If the person had been telling such lies, what is the guarantee that the marriage will last when it is based on lies’?”

The social media big boy said that divorcing his wife for lying about her age “depends on how far we have gone in the relationship. If we have gone as far as 10 years in the relationship and it has been smooth, I might get upset but we would eventually solve it. However, if is just two years in the marriage and we had been having fights and disagreements, that would be a reason to just leave the marriage.”

He also talked about what it takes to be successful, saying; “It depends on one’s belief, personality, background and many other things. It also depends on one’s destiny.

“Some people will say hard work does not work for them, because they have inheritance. Others will say they need it. If one is a believer in Christ, or whatever one believes in, one has to ask questions. Also, one has to align with one’s purpose. If one tries to follow the footstep of others, one might not make it.”