“I would never date Marvin” – Khosi

Big Brother Titans winner, Makhosazane Twala, popularly known as Khosi has said she would never go into a relationship with colleague, Marvin Achi.

The journalist and reality TV star stated this jokingly in a trending video amid rumours that they are dating after being spotted having fun with him on few occasions.

“I would never date Marvin” – Khosi

Marvin also said he would never date her which goes contrary to what many fans want or expect to happen.

Khosi advised people not to do anything or go anywhere with the personal trainer and engineer because he moves sluggishly.

“I would never date Marvin” – Khosi

She laughed out loud in the clip as she explained that she always has to spur him to action because he moves like a worm.

Watch the video below:


In other news, a man went viral in China over the unbelievable act he engaged in all to get his former girlfriend to reconcile with him.

He was said to waited outside her workplace for 21 hours, kneeling and begging her to take him back.

The unidentified man who was with a bouquet of flowers spent an entire night on his knees outside her office in Dazhou, Sichuan province, from 1 p.m. on March 28 until 10 a.m. the next day.

People gathered to record and watch the man who refused to move an inch even as rain began to fall as he was committed to the task of rekindling his relationship with his ex.

An eyewitness named Li recounted how people were urging him to get up from his knees, but he stayed in the same spot.

Li told South China Post: “Many of us tried to talk him into leaving. It’s not necessary to keep on kneeling. The girlfriend is not willing to show up but you are still here, losing face.”

According to him, it was raining as the man knelt on the pavement, but he left the next morning “probably because he could not bear the cold any longer.”

Passers-by reported the incident to Sichuan police, who also tried to persuade him to leave.

“He said his girlfriend broke up with him a few days ago. He wants to seek her forgiveness and he hoped she could date him again,” an officer was quoted as saying.

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