I relocated to Nigeria after falling in love with Nigerian man – Russian actress, Fari Elysian

Russian-born Nigerian actress and skit-maker, Fari Elysian, has revealed that she moved from her home country to Nigeria because of love.

The content creator who recently had a chat with Victoria Gure and Folasade Abimbola on the Time podcast hosted said she left Russia in 2020 after falling in love with a Nigerian man.

Fari love Nigerian man

Fari said, “I came to Nigeria because of a man. I was in love. I relocated to Nigeria in 2020. I’ve been here for three years now. And it’s beautiful. It’s amazing.”

Speakin on the trend of Nigerians relocating abroad for greener pastures, she said, “People want something they don’t have; they appreciate something they don’t have more.

“Me coming here, it was all new to me. It was something I don’t have. I never had and I’ve it now. So, it’s like something new. It’s exotic.

“I found myself here. I discovered myself here. The same thing for Nigerians that are travelling out. People always want something they don’t have. It has always been like that.”