I practice traditional medicine despite being a Christian – Methodist priest

A Christian cleric and lecturer, Dr Obafemi Jegede, has revealed that he practices traditional medicine as a priest of the Methodist church.

He said he is passionate about the traditional aspect because like any other field, it can proffer solutions to some of the challenges Africa faces.

The lecturer of Traditional Medicine at the, University of Ibadan, however, said that he is still a practising priest and hat cannot change no matter what other thing he does.

Jegede said; “Once a priest is always a priest. Ordination is irrevocable and irremovable. Trying to remove ordination can be likened to trying to remove a person’s skull. So, there is no way it can be removed. No matter what I do, my ordination is intact. Ordination is permanent. I can even say that it is eternal. It means that the head is anointed and nothing can remove it.

“I practise Traditional Medicine locally and internationally and I am an advocate of traditional medicine. I teach it, I preach it, I fight for it and I think I will live for it for the rest of my life. Nothing can take me away from Traditional Medicine.”

On how he makes incantations, the cleric said; “I don’t use scriptural verses at all. I use decrees in nature. We use it to bring events in the past in which cases were handled, so if it was handled in those days, it can be handled again. Just the way it is in law.

So, if it is law, it is potent and if it is potent, it can be used to solve some particular problems. I don’t use the Bible, I make a decree in nature, of events that have happened in the good old times and I think it applies to everything. I know that the Western world also uses incantation. In fact, they are used in engineering for some of the machines. They (scientists) speak to the machines.”