I offered to sponsor his studies abroad with my hairdressing business – Lady rejoices as boyfriend graduates

A Nigerian lady simply known as Favour, has celebrated her boyfriend following his graduation, by sharing the story of how she offered to sponsor him to further his education abroad.

She and her boyfriend, Alex both graduated from the same university, but he said he wanted to get another degree.

The young lady said she was doing hairdressing business in school, so she offered to fund his studies abroad and even went the extra mile by getting him admission in China.

Favour sponsor boyfriend abroad

However, two pastors advised them against traveling out of the country, for spiritual reasons and they heeded the counsel.

Alex recently graduated from the University of Benin with a second bachelor’s degree and his girlfriend, Favour took to social media to share celebrate him.

In her words; “I still recall the day @Alex_Houseof308 told me he wants to start another degree in a different school. I asked him if he would consider going abroad, and I would sponsor it. Lmfaooo. Ontop the 1k braids I dey do for hostel that year.

I got admission for him in China. Long story short, two pastors in different states saw a vision for babe that he must not travel abroad until he completed his degree in Nigeria. Some prophesies are mind blowing, but we accepted. Jamb lesson for Uniben started. Alex had to increase his focus on Twitter because he did not want his parents to sponsor him in school. During my school holiday, I came to Benin to help him.

Lady celebrate alex graduation

We would attend the JAMB lesson together, I would be taking recordings and writing notes for him. At night, I would explain and revise with him. Did this for a while till I went back to school for final semester. I signed out and my boo passed his JAMB exam with 266. He barely prepared for that exam, but I thank God. I left Lagos fully in 2019 to Benin City to help him look for an apartment, but good stuff, kitchen utensils and so on. I did not plan on staying for more than a month.

Lmfaoo, every weekend when I should travel, Alex will find another excuse for me to stay. Finally, I just gave up. Classes started, we were broke, but we pushed on. Before we bought our first car, I would follow babe to his exam hall and wait outside with his phones, helping him post campaigns and taking work calls. Lmfaooo. We lost jobs, we were hungry sometimes, we struggled sometimes, but God was faithful. My mom, My MIL kept encouraging us, praying for us. First time parents and we suffered. Taking trips to the hospital almost everyday for 3 months. But here we are.

@Alex_Houseof308 is a graduate today. My baby is signing out todayyyyyyyyyyy🤭🤭🤭🤭 It could have only been God. On to another adventure baby boy.”

Meanwhile, Alex also shared some photos from his signing out ceremony on his Twitter page and gave a brief summary of the hurdles he crossed.

He noted that he had to contend with eight months ASUU strike and the coronavirus pandemic while running a 4-year programme, which has now been completed.

“4 years + 8 months ASUU strike + One year pandemic break = Me, finally out of UNIBEN 🕺” he wrote.