Hard drugs hindering youths from becoming successful – Sabinus

Award-winning skit-maker, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka, popularly known as Oga Sabinus, has said drug abuse is the major factor derailing the youths today.

He made the comment during a recent interview while calling on government to do all it can to curtail abuse of illicit substances among the young population.

Sabinus drugs

Sabinus, who also revealed that he doesn’t use drugs nor alcohol, recalled an advise his father gave him about the need to always be at alert.

He said; “There is something that has become a hindrance to the youths today, and that is drugs and smoking of substances. All these things have become a problem among our youths for a very long time now, but people seem not to think of it as a problem. It is a very big problem because I have seen a situation where I young vibrant youths start taking things that are beyond them and it derailed them.

Use and abuse of drugs and others substances really affect many of them in the long run. That is why I cannot be a fan of smoking or alcohol. My father always tells me that it’s better to be at alert so that when trouble comes, you will be able to point out the problem, identify it and tackle it because your eyes are very clear.

Also, the government should do everything possible to curtail drug use and abuse because there are still generations to come. If this generation is like this, what are we going to say about the generations after this one?”

Advising upcoming entertainers, the content creator said they should each find what works for them and take advantage of it like he did.

Sabinus said; “You know, different things can work for people, but there is something that worked for me which I always tell people about, and that is being hardworking and always looking back to where one is coming from.

I am not from a rich family and my dad doesn’t have a dime. There was no time my father had enough. But I always tell myself that since my dad doesn’t have, I will have. That is why I strive to be successful and to change my family narrative.

So, always remind yourself of where you are coming from and do things that will make you better. Also, don’t do more than your limit. If for instance you can afford something worth more than N100,000, go for it. But if you know you cannot afford it, don’t be pressured. There is no need for pressure. Every man has his time. You might not be popular till someday when you will. The little you have, use it according to your capability, and make sure you remain relevant.”