Groom storms out of engagement ceremony as bride’s family make more demands (Video)

A Nigerian couple’s engagement ceremony turned dramatic and awry following requests made by his wife-to-be’s family.

The groom reportedly abandoned the marriage rites and stormed out of the venue because he felt they were trying to extort him despite providing the items on the bride price list.

In video posted online, a journalist who went to cover the event, narrated how the bride’s family said the seasoning cubes and malt drinks provided were not enough and they asked for more.

This apparently angered the groom who then walked out on everyone and his family members gradually followed suit.

Attendees at the engagement ceremony were thrown into confusion when this happened as people could be seen moving back and forth.

Watch the video below:

ponkboi; Dis guy was part of d village people’s meeting last night ,na him Dem send to come monitor d confusion if e go well… 🤐🤐🤐

its_ozioma; Forces of darkness can use anything to scatter good things! They shd ve calmed down n give them everything or plead to bring it later! Now d lady will live with this trauma

i_goddessivy; This guy is enjoying the scene a bit too much 😂😂😂

okiesovwiz; Oga buy the magi and malt oo. Those village people for vex enter your marriage ooo. Don’t play abeg

honourable_chief; Him no see copy of list before he reach there? Abi he dey expect year end sales discount on top wife matter? Because I am confused.

reimestores; Is it due to extortion or the maggi matter…. make we understand ooo

ilove_cosmos; Everywhere tooo hard for d country

michcoresources; @maggi_nigeria come and solve the problem oh things hard

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