Creating adult content is more lucrative than acting – Actress, Amara Maduka

Controversial Nollywood actress, Amara Maduka, has said that creating adult content is more lucrative for her than acting in the Nigerian movie industry.

She made this statement during an interview with Saturday Beats while talking about her life, career and relationship preference.

Maduka said; “Creating adult content pays way more than acting in all ramifications.”

The erotic model was questioned about the notion that being a woman in Nigeria is tough, and she responded by saying she has never felt that way.

She said; “I don’t agree. At the same time, I won’t dismiss the experiences of others. I am just going to speak from my own experience and perspective. Being a woman has never been tough for me.

What does that even mean? Being a woman is tough; how? I don’t get it. But, I know that people have their individual experiences, and that’s the spectacle through which they view the world.”

In other news…

Nigerian social media influencer, Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada, also known as Mandy Kiss, has lamented about her struggle with finding true love.

The controversial slay queen turned singer, said men who show interest in having a serious relationship with her often break up with her after sleeping with her.

Mandy Kiss who a gospel song this year, also bemoaned getting dumped by men despite having money and a good body.

She said; “It has not been easy for me [as regards finding true love]. I have suffered a lot. I just want happiness. I just want someone who will love me. But with my money and body, I’m still getting dumped.

“They [suitors] will come and I will think I have found true love. They will call me always, we will talk at night. But once they sleep with me, they leave.”