Caramel Plugg arrests vendor who called her out over breach of agreement [Video]

Nigerian social media influencer and content creator, Caramel Plugg has allegedly gotten an online clothe vendor arrestedfor calling her out regarding her failure to honour an agreement.

The vendor simply known as Ruchyy clothings had claimed that she gave the skit-maker some dresses for free on the condition that when she posts it on social media, she would tag her supplier’s online store.

However, in a video that went viral days ago, an interviewer asked Caramel who designed the dress she was wearing, but she refused to reveal the lady’s brand despite agreeing to promote her.

This angered Ruchyy who decided to expose the influencer as someone who fails to keep to her end of a bargain. She also accused the podcaster of being a bully and trying to silence her.

In a recent video posted online, the vendor showed police officers at her residence and alleged that Caramel brought them to arrest her. She said they came in a tinted SUV, under the pretense of trying to present her with a gift.

She said she was about to make a call when Caramel alleg instructed the police officers to forcefully bundle her into the car, preventing her from using her phone. Subsequently, the vendor was taken to Maroko Station in Lagos where she is said to be currently.

The video captured Ruchyy accusing the internet big girl of hiding inside the tinted car and using police men to try and intimidate her.

The vendor however disclosed that she was approached with a settlement offer by Caramel and her team, presumably as an attempt to resolve the issue outside of legal channels.

Watch the video below: