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Businesses You Can Start As A Corps Member

For any Nigerians doing the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme, or anybody that is about to start, there are profitable businesses which can complement your monthly allowance.

Many corps members are satisfied with their N33,000 allowance, but others seek different ways of making money to attend to personal and family needs. If you fall under the second category, this article is meant for you.

It is important to also note that NYSC provides loans to assist corps members who would need fund to start a business. So, if you have secured funding or capital, here are five business ideas you can consider.

1. Home/Private Tutor

Take up private lessons, tutoring people at home or in little gatherings. If you are brilliant in Math, English, Chemistry or Government, there are students who need help in these subjects and more. You can offer your services to their parents.

Another option is to take preparatory classes for students who want to sit for WAEC, NECO, JAMB and GCE exams. You can also print posters with your contact details (phone number, email0 and past in your community.

2. Laundry Business

This is the service of washing, drying and ironing of clothes for a fee and it has low risk compared to other businesses. Laundry service is an easy way to make money and as a corps member, you can dedicate weekends to washing clothes for customers. You can also wash other textile materials like bedsheet, rugs, etc. The equipment you need are medium-sized washing machine, buckets, detergents, starch, pressing iron and a flat table top.

3. Fashion Design

Fashion design is a high-paying job in Nigeria which has become so big that there are celebrity stylists like Mai Atafo, Toyin Lawani and Ugo Monye.

Fashion designing is the fune-tuned version of tailoring where creative stylists sew clothes in unique styles and designs. This is a lucrative and creative way to make money while doing your service. If you already know how to sew and have a creative mind, this will be the easiest business for you to do alongside your NYSC programme.

4. Blogging

Becoming a blogger can be lucrative once you have a website or platform which you will use to write evergreen content or disseminate information as they break. If you enjoy writing, and ideas sometimes pop up in your head, you can use that to create blog content. You can also think about what interests you and create a story around it.

Create a website if you don’t already have one, and there are platforms which enables you to set up a free blog. Bear in mind that to succeed at blogging, you need patience, time, dedication and diligence.

To make money through your blog, you can choose a profitable niche, write sponsored product reviews, offer services or sell digital products.

5. Mini Importation

This is the business of buying products at a cheap price from countries like China or Thailand and when they arrive in Nigeria, you package and sell them at higher prices and get your profit. Many people have turned millionaires through mini-importation business, and they started with low capital. According to a report, you can make 200% ROI per product. Try to do research to determine what items are the most sought after in your area or locality. Examples of things you can import are handbags, shoes, phones, mini laptops and so on.


For every business idea you consider doing, there is always a market for it. Whether you want to use the savings from the N33,000 monthly allowance for corps members to start a business or you wish to venture into an area that does not require capital, you can be rest assured that you will always make money so long as you do adequate research to understand the market, be strategic and committed to what you do and once you start making money, be smart enough to have a reinvestment plan instead of spending the money on luxury items and running down the business.


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