“Bro deceived us all” – Brain Jotter discovers female hawker he gave N400k is a man

Nigerian skit-maker, Brain Jotter has expressed disappointment after realising the female hawker he offered financial assistance to is actually a man.

Popular blogger, Gistlovers expose, the physically challenged hawker known as Eniola, for being a man who disguises as a woman to deceive unsuspecting people into helping him.

Brain Jotter hawker

Few days ago, Brain Jotter shared a video of his interaction with the hawker in Lagos traffic and he revealed how impressed that Eniola was hawking despite being a person with disability.

Eniola said she also works as a makeup artist. Impressed by the determination to work, the skit-maker encouraged the street hawker by sending N400,000.

Eniola hawker brain jotter

However, after Brain Jotter discovered that the hawker he thought was a lady is actually a man identified as Sultan, he lamented online.

He bemoaned how the young man was able to deceive so many people and noted that he was tired of such experiences.

The Instagram comedian further revealed that a similar thing happened in the past when some people assisted the hawker with 600,000 naira.

Brain Jotter wrote: “If I tell you say I no tire, I dey lie. Just Negodu’?’. Bro deceived us all, Some people has helped him with over 600k before. He lied!!! He is a MAN’!!!!”

Brain Jotter hawker man