Blaqbonez ends feud with TG Omori, makes fresh request

Nigerian rap sensation, Blaqbonez has buried the hatchet with music video director, TG Omori, after months of feuding.

The Hip Hop artiste fell out with the director in 2022 for charging him what he termed an exorbitant fee of $30,000.

Blaqbonez Omori end rift

Taking to his Twitter account on Sunday, Blaqbonez asked him if he would handle the shoot for his new song, Nyem Ego. The rapper admitted that no other video director can do the job as good as TG Omori.

“Hey @boy_director would you shoot Nyem Ego video?? Cos lets not lie nobody shooting a gyration like that better than you 🫡”

In reaction, Omori quoted his post and pointed out that Blaqbonez still has his account number from their last cordial chat in 2021.

He wrote; “Check our 2021 chat my acct details still Dey there. Do the needful #nyemego”

Meanwhile, in related news…

TG Omori earlier stated that Blaqbonez was using the beef with him to stay relevant in the music industry.

The cinematographer said that Blaqbonez’s career has skyrocketed since he started exchanging bants with him online.

In a chat on the Zero Conditions podcast, the Boy Director said he is comfortable with Blaqbonez banting him on social media as long as he doesn’t go beyond boundaries.

Omori said; “Blaqbonez is just trying to use me to prosper. And he is my guy, so I will let him shine. ‘Emeka must shine.’

“Blaqbonez’s biggest video was the TG Omori’s banter; ‘Back In Uni.’ Everybody was trying to watch the video because he added TG. If you can’t afford TG Omori, you use TG Omori’s name.

“It’s understandable. He is my guy; not like we hang out or something. But so long as he has not been disrespectful to me, let the young n*gga shine. His career has gone up since the whole banter thing, I told him to give me 10%. But I would let it slide because we rise by lifting others.”