As long as you take contraceptive pills, that’s abortion – Phyna

Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ winner, Josephina ”Phyna” Otabor has reiterated her assertion that all sexually active women have done abortion.

She said that anybody who takes morning-after pills after an intimate moment with a man, is by extension aborting any unwanted pregnancy.

Phyna gave the explanation while reacting to the backlash she received for her earlier position about abortion in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

Phyna abortion pills

She had an interactive session with her fans on social media and a fan quizzed her about her opinion on the matter.

“Did you think before saying there is no woman who has not done abortion before?” the curious fan asked.

In response, the reality TV star insisted that what she said is true, addin that apart from virgins, no woman can say she has never had an abortion.

Phyna, who is often at the centre of controversial discourse, concluded by calling her critics hypocrites while urging them to keep ‘crying’.

She wrote; “Only virgins are safe hypocrites. As long as you are having s3x as a woman. If you drink postinor that’s abortion. If you drink becharm ampilox and warm water, that’s abortion. Keep crying for all I care.”

Phyna abortion pills

CorrectNG recalls that the 26-year-old, said she is being attacked about her past abortions because she made it public instead of keeping it a secret like many women.

She recalled how she talked about doing abortion in the Big Brother house when all housemates were having a general conversation about their lives and she never knew her colleagues would use it against her.

Phyna said; “When I came out of the house everybody wanted to chase clout with Phyna, everybody was ready to do shiii. When I was in the house there was a conversation, everybody was talking….

“Issue of abortion, na who talk ihn own dem know right? There is nobody, no woman that will tell me she has not done one or twice.”