2023: Buhari won’t be allowed to attend my swearing-in when I become president – Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, (AAC), has said he will ban President Muhammadu Buhari from his swearing-in ceremony after he becomes president in 2023.

He said that when he wins the election, he is not coming to take over from Buhari but to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The AAC flagbearer spoke during an interview with Politics Hub, a political programme aired by Vanguard Online TV on Friday, December 23.

Sowore also dismissed reports in some quarters that supported Buhari prior to his victory at the 2015 presidential polls.

He said he never campaigned nor asked people to vote for Buhari in the runup to the election.

The Sahara Reporters publisher said people thought that because he was opposing former President Goodluck Jonathan at the time, then it meant that he was supporting Buhari.

He said; “When I win the election Buhari will not come to the swearing-in. I think some of them would have left before the day of swearing-in and I’m serious about it. I just want you (Buhari) to know that you have a constitutional duty to hand over power.

“I never supported Buhari. You can never stop supporting somebody you never supported in the first place. What have prevailed over these years was a well-calculated attempt to black mail my person by saying I supported Buhari because I was against Goodluck Jonathan.

“What I have always done in my entire life is to be opposed to terrible governance, it didn’t matter who was in charge, even if it was my Dad I would have opposed him if he is acting like Jonathan.

“But this is how to solve the puzzle, If I asked you to provide just one evidence that I supported Buhari you will say you want to go an check and you are suppose to know it because I never did.

“There was no time in life that I campaigned for Buhari, wrote an article or approach anybody individually and say vote for Buhari. I didn’t vote for Buhari, because I didn’t register to vote until 2018. The first time I voted in my life in this country and probably in the world was in 2019 election”.