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10 business ideas to start as a student in Nigeria

Life can be difficult as a student if you are broke and cannot afford basic things. Setting up your own business and working for yourself is a great way to make money and not to depend fully on your parents.

Working and schooling in Nigeria universities is not really easy unlike other countries but there are some business ideas to start as a student.

Before I list some ideas, there are some questions you must ask before venturing into any business in a school environment.

  1. What do people need or want in your school?
  2. What are the everyday obstacle and how it can be overcome?
  3. Will what I am doing make life easier, better, safer, fairer or cheaper?
  4. What am I really good at or love doing?
  5. And lastly, think about what business ventures might support your future or education.

With this questions, let us look at some business ideas to start as a student

1. Become a YouTuber

YouTube is one cool way to make money as a student with little or no money to start. YouTube is a fantastic tool for connecting with others, building a community, and making money.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start a YouTube channel. Opening a YouTube channel is free but you will you definitely need gear and creative assets.

Things you need to become a YouTuber

  1. Camera – You can start with your mobile phone
  2. Light – No matter the location, getting the lighting right is very important
  3. Audio – You can get cheap audio kit.
  4. Editing software – You must learn how to edit video or have someone do it for you.
  5. Good location.
  6. And most importantly, what story are you telling?

2. Start a dropshipping business

This is a business that requires very little capital. Dropshipping business allows you to sell products online without having to own or operate the physical location where those products are stored and processed.

To start a dropshipping, you need an online store like Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp to display the products.

Things you need to start a dropshipping business

  1. Choose a dropshipping business idea.
  2. Look at who your competitors are and understand the way they work.
  3. Choose a dropshipping supplier.
  4. Build your e-commerce store – You can use Whatsapp status, Instagram and Facebook.

3. Become a freelancer

As a student, Freelancing is one business you can do with no money. freelancing is when you use your skills, education, and experience to work with multiple clients and take on various assignments without committing to a single employer.

A freelancer or freelance worker is a self-employed person who earns money by providing services to multiple clients.

Here are a some sites that you can try for freelancing jobs:

  1. Fiverr: the world’s largest marketplace to look for freelance jobs.
  2. Upwork: Upwork is a more professional looking freelance marketplace where you’ll find more business clients.
  3. is among the oldest freelance job marketplace which you can choose in your initial year when you have little or no freelance experience.

4. Make money from social media

Social media platforms offer so many opportunities to make money. Apart from showcasing your business and connecting with your customers, you can also make money directly from it.

How your small business can make money on social media.

  1. Earn commissions by promoting the products or services of other businesses
  2. Get paid for reviewing affiliate products
  3. You can get Paid to Share Your Knowledge
  4. You can sell your own products or services

5. Blogging

You can use WordPress and blogging to earn money online by doing what you love. You can work from your hostel, at your own time, and there is no limit on how much money you can make.

Blogging is not a ‘Get rich quick’ schemes, it requires time and planning. You can earn from blogging by monetize your blog content.

6. Mini Importation

Mini importation is business that you start as low as N50,000. As the name implies, mini importation is a small-scale version of the regular importation business. In this business, you buy fast-moving items in order to turn a profit in as little time as possible.

Things you need to start

  1. A smart phone or laptop
  2. Start-up capital
  3. Valid Nigeria delivery address
  4. A valid email address
  5. Good internet supply

7. Laundry business

One good business to start in school is laundry business. Some student do not like washing their clothes by themselves, so you take advantage of that and use your spare time in school to wash and iron their clothes. See how you can start a successful laundry business in Nigeria

Things you need to start laundry business in school

  • Washing bowl – Washing machine might not be allowed in some schools
  • Iron
  • Soap

8. Graphic design

Graphic designing is one sure way to have daily income in school. Students constantly need the services of a graphic designer to design their logos, posters, etc.

To start a graphic design business, you must know the skill and have a computer.

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9. Hair making/ barbing of hair

hair making/ barbing of hair is a good business to start as a student. This is a business you have to go into if you have the skill because people must make or barb their hair on a regular basis.

For plaiting of hairs, you need little or no capital to start. for barbing of hair, you will need barbing kit like clipper, comb, etc. You also need good electricity supply.

10. Phone and computer repairs

Mobile and computer repairing business is a highly profitable business to venture into. The best thing is that you can start this business with low capital. Most students have mobile phones which means they will need repairs when they get bad. So make use of the opportunity if you know how to repair phones

So make a choice of these 10 business ideas to start as a student.