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Zuckerberg to reveal ‘epic location’ of cage fight with Elon Musk

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has said he is ready for the highly anticipated cage match against Elon Musk, but he does not believe the Tesla CEO shares the same sentiment.

Elon Musk had taken to his social networking service, Twitter (X), on Friday and disclosed that he asked Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni and her culture minister Gennaro Sangiuliano for a historic site for the battle.

The controversial tech billionaire said Meloni and Sanguiliano had agreed to “an epic location” but he did not name it.

According to the Italian culture minister; “It will not take place in Rome,” adding that they had a “long and friendly conversation”.

However, that same day, Zuckerberg took to his own platform and said he would be the one to announce the location.

“If he (Musk) ever agrees to an actual date, you’ll hear it from me. Please assume there is no agreement on anything he claims,” the Meta boss wrote.

There have been questions raised about the fitness of Musk, 52, as he revealed on Friday that he needed surgery for a problem with his right shoulder blade, but predicted the recovery would be quick. The Twitter owner said he lifts weights on the side but does not have time for training.

Zuckerberg, 39, on the other hand works out with martial arts trainers and is visibly fitter than Musk. He had posted a photo on his X competitor app Threads showing him in a training cage in his backyard.