Zimbabwean man arrested for posing as police officer to collect bribes from motorists in South Africa

A 22-year-old Zimbabwean man has been arrested for impersonating a traffic police officer to extort motorists in South Africa.

Tendai Goodman Chakabva reportedly wore a Metro Police uniform in Ekurhuleni and used his fake identity to demand bribes from drunk drivers, speeding motorists and those with expired papers.

He deviced the dubious plan when he realised how much of a menace South African drivers are on the road and figured this would be a lucrative opportunity to make money.

Local media reports that the suspect then set up a fake checkpoint on the road and began taking bribes from erring drivers.

The Zimbabwean managed to make some money for a while until one day, police got wind of his act and he was arrested.

Police spokesperson, Sello Maremane said personnel of the Gauteng traffic police were performing a routine roadside check when they observed a suspicious white Nissan NP 300 approaching them.

He was paraded at the Ekurhuleni metropolitan police station after the arrest.

“The reputation of hardworking law enforcement officers in the province is tarnished by these suspects, and we would like to urge the criminal justice system to impose a harsh sentence on them. The Gauteng traffic police would like to urge the criminal justice system to impose a harsh sentence on these suspects”, Maremane said.

In similar news, a house help has been confronted after he was discovered to be a man who pretended that he is a woman in order to secure a job.

He was exposed after the fake breast he wore fell off while he was doing his nanny duties as his employer’s place.

A video which made the online shows the young man being interrogated by his boss in the presence of his friends as he asked the suspect to drop the fake breast on the floor.

The incident reportedly happened in Ajah, Lagos state.

According to a source, he was able to get the job with the help of an agent after he packaged himself as a busty woman.

A photo of him dressed as a woman with big breast was also shared on social media. He confessed that he lied about being a woman and gave his name as Destiny, but he said that he was actually in need of help which was the reason for his disguise.

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