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Youths in Chad build maternity wards with sand-filled bags



A group of young Chadians have explored their innovative capabilities by building a maternity wards in their community.

The youths reportedly used bags filled with sand to build the maternity wards designed to look like huts.

According to Africa Facts Zone, the bags used are called Katafa. The young men who built the wards did so without help or support from government.

In a series of photos shared on social media showed them laying the foundation for the maternity huts and the wards after being completed.

It sparked mixed reactions from social media users.

@RategoJuma; One rainy season, the sand absorbs water, the sacks fail to bear the weight of the wet sand , on sack bursts open and the whole structure piles on a pregnant woman. BODIES GET COLLECTED!

@MutindaRay; This great mosque of Djenne in Mali is built of pure mud and has lasted for more than a decade. Decolonize your mind.

@molematz; what is their government doing not building hospitals? It’s absurd, complete utter ludicrous…

@HeyyitsNeo; Yet when Europeans build minimalistic buildings like this they are praised. You people like being so negative my goodness!

@PalesaMogorosi_; I’m sorry but they should build proper facilities instead, not glorify poverty and primitivism. Africans please respect yourselves and have better standards. This is nothing praiseworthy. It is even embarrassing that you would call this innovation. This isn’t the 15th century.

@MisturaOloyede; Decolonize your mind bro . This stuff is something unique to africa
Let africa have thing unique to it sir so it can stand out among other continents. As long as it’s furnished well then people we shouldn’t have a problem with it.

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