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You’re supposed to be using men not showing them care – Moet Abebe to women



Nigerian Video Jockey, Moet Abebe has advised women not to invest time and energy in pursuing a man.

Taking to her Instagram story, she said women are supposed to be chased and followed around by men not the other way around.

Moet urged ladies who show interest in men to makes themselves emotionally unavailable so that the man would fight hard to get their attention.

She said that being expressive about matters of the heart does not favour women because they will always be blamed if things do not go well in the end.

According to Moet, it is best for the men to be used for the personal benefit.

The media personality said women should allow men chase after them, invest in them and they should not be quick to respond to calls or messages.

Moet further said that they should focus more on themselves and getting their own happiness without it being associated with a man.

In her words; ”Let Man be following you!!! You string them along!!! You make them invest in you!!! Let them be the ones to waste their time and not you… Let them chase you!!! You should Be the one that is emotionally unavailable!!!

You should Be the one that takes time to answer their calls or respond to their messages…. on a real.. over doing or being over caring.. e no Dey pay… Focus on you and your happiness mehn.. never let it revolve around Man becos na you the woman them go still blame when it all goes to shits. You may as well make it work out in your favour…”

Reacting, __berry_billions said; This one never serious to marry

soloblinkz; Take her advice at your own risk, all this no get formula, just stick to what works for you abeg.

stanley_nweze; Follow internet people mouth at your own risk

arolu_jr; Do what works for you….. She fail doesn’t mean you’re bound to fail too.

alexonblings; Make una dey check age of the motivator’s

loladaayes; Lol, no need to say, people will do whatever they want regardless

t.m_oz; You might as well make it work out in your favor

dezy_adaeze; Lol any small breakfast they will.come online and look for whose relationship to ruin with there motivational talk abeg

kerenter_j; She’s re natural chasers…then again, na be’s Takes Two to make it work..NOBody should have to work overtime..

berrypixels_; Let dem be misleading una.. Una go clock 40 and still be bearing una father’s name. Rubbish.

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