You’re not a true Christian if you use perfume – Nigerian priestess (Video)

A Nigerian priestess has stirred controversy on social media by asserting that it is wrong for Christians to use perfumes.

In a video which has gone viral, the religious leader cautioned Christians who wear perfumes, warning that they will not make Heaven.

Priestess Christians perfume

She said the act of using fragrance to smell nice is frowned upon by God while emphasizing that it attracts demons that may possess the human body.

The spiritualist further stated that God prefers His children to wear only white clothing while matching its pureness with a purified heart.

She said; ‘’You are not a Christian. God does not want perfume. What God wants is white garment. Put on your white garment and let your heart be clean so that you can enter his heaven.

“You wear perfume all the time and you call yourself a Christian and you said you will not be possessed? and you say you are not a water person?

“Do you know who owns perfumes? Do you want the Goddess of the ocean likes? It’s perfumes.”

Watch her speak:

Meanwhile, in other news…

Kenyan gospel musician, Kevin Kioko, known by his stage name Bahati, has asserted that marrying one wife will prevent many men from going to heaven.

The 29-year-old singer made the assertion while advocating for polygamy on the “men’s corner” show with one of his colleagues, Baite.

A video of their chat was posted on Diana Marua’s YouTube channel and in the course of the conversation, Bahati demanded to know where the Bible limits polygamy as he queried pastors who advocate for one wife.

The gospel artiste said; “Why do pastors nowadays tell us to have only one wife.These pastors should show us in the Bible where God says we must have one wife.

“I feel like something that might prevent men from going to heaven is choosing to have only one wife. God will question why I allowed Solomon and David to have many wives, but you chose to have just one.”