You’re not a serious man if you aren’t giving her 500k monthly after dating for a year – Joro Olumofin

Nigerian relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has called on men to place their girlfriends on monthly allowance if they’ve been dating for six months to a year.

He said a woman is entitled to receiving between N350k to N500k from her man every month so that she can take care of herself.

The self-styled love doctor gave the relationship update for 2023 in a video which surfaced on social media.

Joro explained that a woman needs the N500,000 for her hair, data, upkeep among others personal needs.

He said that it is only an unserious man who won’t do such for his babe who is beautiful and hardworking, adding that if he fails to do that she will find another guy who will give her these things, making it to be a loss for the boyfriend.

He stressed that a serious minded man who has been dating for six months and above should pay attention to what he said, because giving the lady allowance every month simply means he is investing in her.

Joro said the boyfriend needs to realised that she is the future and if the he ends up getting married to his girlfriend, he will never regret it.

Watch him speak below:

fekomi; This guy is just using reverse psychology to push crowd and traffic to his brand . We get the techniques lol .

folu____; You have to make a damn payment for a roasted corn to generate electricity close to a town hall different from … see more

sokoh_official; Relationship is not poverty alleviation program , neither is it an NGO nor employment stop ! Let men be genuinely caring and kind to who they love to be best of their abilities .

d_realsparkamani; Imagine you give her 500k a month and somebody else gives her 1million a month 😂, you think a greedy person or a money conscious person will ever be satisfied? You all acting like money is the number on thing in a relationship and it’s not even the top 3 things! In a developed country where basic amenities are provided for , when a girl can get a car and pay on a monthly bases for years or easily get a mortgage, you think she will care about your pocket?

You are speaking for jobless girls who sit around looking for a guy that will sort out their bill! 500k is nothing, most guys even spend more than that on a go for a girl. But acting like it’s mandatory and making it a monthly basics thing is extremely foolish, your mama and papa wey carry you from when you small pay all your bills , do you put them on a 500k monthly payment? With the situation of this Nigeria uner go dey call money like say na change. If not for fraud you think say and yahoo boys, you think you can boldly say what you just said. Kudos to those hard working girls though , that can’t relate. Some girls don’t need your stup*d money. Even with all your millions your wife go still knack gate man. If you keep a lady using money, she will leave you once that money stops coming. Easy as that.

retta___xx; Nah correct sense ooo we ladies sev we got a lot of bills to sort 👌👌

too___okay; I nor agree with Joro oh😂😂😂 it’s not a must!! But atleast a man should be generous time to time, make una nor turn relationship to office work where them dey pay certain amount monthly Shuu😫😫😫 this internet dey kill the idea of relationship chai chai!!!

queenofdsun; Its not compulsory to give her d figures mentioned. You can give her according to ur capability. It’s just a way of showing how you care. It makes we ladies feel more loved.

callmewyzee; And if she goes to another guy cos of 500k and another guy gives her 550k cos of 50k wey dey untop e go leave that one too go meet another guy, another guy again add money e go leave that one too go meet that one, Until she bcome players wey club dey buy

ruzzyde_sexy; No be you go tell my man waiting he go give me monthly,even if it’s 10k naira from his heart is 100% appreciated for me…… not all ladies are in a relationship because of money or material things🙌🙌🙌

ichie_agu1; If you are not paying your Parents monthly and you dey pay a girl for loving you na God go punish you. I should pay a lady as per THANKS for loving me every month ? Una dey craze . I will take care of course.

pressyvibess; Some men no Dey see 500k monthly, there salary and income no even reach at at all, u Dey here Dey cap, Wetin man do man self? Oga go sit down if u don’t have anything important to talk about 🚶‍♀️

kingsydorff; Make sense… but it should he according to your ability… All these people, make una no dey pressure dis people for Internet nau. Mehnn.. Dis generation shaa.