You’re moving on to become someone’s side chic – Actor Caz Chidiebere slams Mabel for divorcing AY

Nigerian actor, Caz Chidiebere has slammed Ayo “AY” Makun’s estranged wife, Mabel Makun after she confirmed her split from the comedian.

Chidiebere expressed disappointment and opined that now Mabel is single again she would move on to become a side chic to married men.

Actor Caz Chidiebere slams Mabel for divorcing AY

The Nollywood actor who shared his thoughts in the comment section of a report on Instagram about the divorce, said the current generation has exchanged their senses for data.

He wrote: “Moving on to become a side chicken 🐓 to another married man abi ?? This generation exchanged sense for data just to be online steady tufiakwa….”

Actor Caz Chidiebere slams Mabel for divorcing AY

It was reported earlier that Mabel Makun confirmed that she and popular comedian, Ayo Makun professionally known as AY, have gotten divorced.

The fashion designer opened up about their marital status in an Instagram post on Tuesday night while expressing gratitude to those who have shown support to her.

Mabel, however, urged people not to berate AY whom she addressed as her ex-husband, because they are currently going through a challenging time and both need consideration.

She wrote in part; “I want to express my sincere gratitude for the supportive messages that I have received from everyone. However, my silence should not be misunderstood and also the father of my children whom I have been with for some years deserves a certain level respect and privacy from me and all the concerned parties.

Most importantly because of our children whose mental health and general well being should be prioritized. Many lies have been peddled against me and attack orchestrated on the social media space but I will honour my kids with my silence and not address any of these lies.